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Loan against shares is an ideal way to to get liquidity with out actually liquidating them. It helps to keep carefully to built portfolio intact and get the benefit of getting cash against it for any purpose.


Loan against Securities (LAS) is getting instant liquidity from your investment without selling them. All you have to do is pledge your securities in favour of HEDGE FINANCE Limited, This enables you to enjoy all corporate benefits accrued on your securities and still avail loan against them. No EMI or prepayment charges applicable. Interest will be charged only on the actual amount and that too for the time it is utilized.


Tenure Maximum of up to 12 Months.
Security As per Approved list of securities.
Loan Amount Minimum of 1 /- Lac and Maxi 5 crore.
Loan to Value Loan to value of upto 65 % of your shares ( listed and approved equity shares )
Interest Interest is calculated on daily outstanding balance and debited to your loan account at the end of every month.


  • Pay Interest charged only on outstanding amount and only for utilized amount
  • Interest is calculated on the daily outstanding balance and debited to your account at the end of every month
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Enjoy all corporate benefits like bonus, dividends etc accrued on your securities
  • Simple and Quick loan processing
  • Exhaustive list of approved securities

IPO (Initial Public Offer) investment is one of the most rewarding options available for investors. You can choose to buy shares directly from the companies (by participating in the IPO) or from the secondary market, but the former will fetch you securities at a cheaper rate. Once you are allotted some or all of the shares you applied for, the shares are credited to your demat account. Once listed, you can sell the shares to make a profit. If you are not allotted any shares, your invested money is returned within a period of 3 days.

With the stock lying in the DP Account as margin, investors can avail the finance and participate in the bidding for IPO.

For IPO financing, investors just need to keep the margin stock in their DP account. This facility is only available for investors who have Margin Financing account with Hedge Finance and bank account with our partner banks.

This facility will help investors to participate in IPO without exiting their stocks which are holding in their DP.


Loan available to retail investors.
No need to bring additional cash for IPO bidding. Only keep margin mount a s stock in their DP account.
No Hidden Charges
One time documentation process for all upcoming issues.
Tenure: 10 to 15 days
Minimum loan amount: Per lot
Maximum Loan amount: Rs. 200000/-
Charges: Rs. 200/- per lot
All the IPO documentation is done by Hedge Finance itself.


Loan against property are secured-term-loans , secured by the mortgage of a residential or commercial property. The end-use of this loan should be towards any declared legal purpose. The various types of LAPs are as follows:

  • Loan for personal /educational/business needs against existing property
  • Loan for acquisition of commercial property
  • Loan against future rental receivable
  • Loans available from 5 lakh up to 5 crore
  • Simple documentation
  • Fast processing
  • Easy repayment options
  • Loan tenure of 12 months to 120 months for properties

Our research department is regularly publishing specific theme based portfolio recommendations which they expect to give the investor multifold returns over a period of time. We at Hedge Finance is offering an opportunity for the investor to participate in these Themes by financing with lower margin requirement and interest rate than the normal margin funding facility.


  • Lower margin requirement of 30%
  • Lower interest rate of 15%
  • Minimum Portfolio value – Rs. 50,000/-