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This document outlines the policy that is available to a customer who is dissatisfied with the personnel or with a product or service offered or provided by the company and has not spoken/ spoken to the relevant staff and is dissatisfied with the response given.


This is required as per extant RBI guidelines vide its Circular Master Circular Ref. No. DNBS.PD.CC.No. 320/03.10.01/2012-13 dated February 18, 2013 on Grievance Handling among other issues.


This document applies to Hedge Finance Limited (HFL).


Grievance: Grievance under the scope of this policy includes, not limited to –

  1. Observation – A customer notices or learns something about which the organization should be aware.
  2. Concern About Discrimination – A customer is concerned that he/she is being discriminated against.
  3. Concern About Harassment – A customer feels that he/she is being threatened or disturbed.
  4. Concern About Sexual Harassment – A customer feels that he/she is being subjected to unwanted sexual advances
  5. Concern About Unfairness – A customer feels that he/she is not being treated in a just manner.
  6. Concern About Integrity – A customer has reason to believe that the staff they are interacting with are not being ethical or adhering to integrity standards (E.g., lying, cheating, or stealing)
  7. Concern About Violation of Guiding Principles/ Processes – A customer has reason to believe that the staff they are interacting with has violated the KGFS guiding principles/ any other process violation that they are aware of/ briefed about.


HFL is committed to maintaining a Grievance handling system which can be accessed by all customers.

  1. All grievances are handled in a confidential manner and with a similar level of professionalism as all other official business of HFL and periodic communication/ update to customer until resolution is ensured.
  2. Each grievance should be handled by a person at least one level higher than the person against whom grievance has been raised.
  3. The values as articulated in the HFL guiding principles are preserved and supported by the grievance handling system.
  4. Any grievance which comes under the purview of Sexual Harassment or under the purview of Whistle Blower policy will be dealt in accordance with the provisions of the respective policy and the timelines as specified shall be applicable.


HFL is committed to maintaining its guiding principles and ensure integrity, responsibility and fair dealing in all customer transactions/interactions, and will continue to strive to maintain the highest standards in its dealings with the community. In order to maintain these standards, HFL is dedicated to identifying, investigating and resolving complaints and grievances of its customers. HFL recognises the importance of transparency in decision making and the need to provide a fair and objective procedure for the review of all decisions. Grievances will be dealt with utmost confidentiality and HFL encourages all its customers to provide feedback which will help enhance organisational effectiveness. 


This would be implemented with immediate effect. There will be an identified Official along with details like name, contract details (telephone/mobile no./e-mail address) who can be approached by the Customer for resolution of complaints against the Company. In addition, if the complaint/ dispute is not redressed within a period of one month, the customer may appeal to the Officer-in-charge of the Regional Office of DNBS of RBI (with contact details), under whose jurisdiction, the registered office of the NBFC falls.

The contact no. and e-mail address of the identified Official should also be displayed in all the branches.